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Sunrise Staffing Services LLC is a full-service agency offering staffing solutions specifically for our customers. Sunrise will recruit, interview, and screen candidates per your specifications. Candidates found to possess the requisite skills; experience and abilities to successfully perform the job will be scheduled for interview with your company’s designated staff or placed in positions per your instructions. Sunrise provides staffing in many different areas including:

Manufacturing (Weld, Fab, Machining), Construction, Warehouse, Retail, Clerical, Skilled and General Labor, Administrative and Management.
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Your Trusted Staffing Service Providers

  • Competitive rates
  • Limits your liability
  • Comprehensive general liability insurance in the amount of $2,000,000.00
  • No employee administrative costs
  • W-2 forms at end of year
  • All statutory deductions required by Federal and State law
  • Workman’s compensation, unemployment, garnishments, SRS, child support, etc.
  • Safety and Hazard Assessment
  • Assign pre-screened, qualified individuals per your company specifications
  • Job readiness and retention orientation
  • Significant improvement in employee retention and direct supervisor satisfaction
  • Allow yourself more time to devote to your business and its growth
Save Money On:
  • Drug screens (upon request by company)
  • Background checks
  • Training costs 
  • Advertising 
  • Reference checking
  • Interviewing unqualified candidates
  • Making the wrong hiring decision
Your company would be able to tailor its staffing requirements based upon need and specific situations. The following three staffing solutions would be available to your company:
  • Temporary
  • Temporary to Permanent
  • Direct Placement
Over 40 Years' Staffing Experience
  • Sunrise Staffing Services LLC
  • Liberal Phone: 800-239-1809
  • Great Bend Phone: 620-792-1004
  • Garden City Phone: 620-272-0222
  • Dodge City Phone: 620-227-7444
  • Hays Phone: 785-628-6877
  • Hutchinson Phone: 620-960-6701
  • Southwest Kansas: 620-655-6552 (text only)
  • All other locations: 620-629-1059 (text only)

Staffing Services Tailored to Suit Your Business Requirements

Rely on us to understand your business and resource requirements and provide you with the ideal talent. If you need a temporary employee, temporary-to-permanent employee, or direct placement, we've got you covered. Check out our key focus areas:
  • Customer service: We take pride in providing the best staffing services. We're flexible with your requirements and put in a lot of hard work to meet your unique needs.
  • Sunrise will provide safety orientation and testing prior to placing the person in your company.
  • Positive outcome: Count on us to recruit, interview, and screen candidates to meet your specifications. We take time to understand your requirements and recruit the right staff to fulfill your needs.
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